FLV Crunch

FLV Crunch for Mac 1.3.1

Free and efficient video converter for Macs

Good, efficient and free video converters are in short supply on Macs but FLV Crunch for Mac is a definite contender. View full description


  • Converts to most major formats
  • Lots of tweaking of settings possible
  • Supports batch conversions
  • Lots of Help info plus error logging


  • Basic interface
  • No MKV support


Good, efficient and free video converters are in short supply on Macs but FLV Crunch for Mac is a definite contender.

FLV Crunch for Mac is based on the ffmpegX engine and converts your video files with ease from multiple formats to FLV which you can play on your iPhone or iPod. FLV Crunch supports conversion to and from most major formats including MPG, AVI, MP4, WMV and 3GP. Although the interface is very basic and retro looking, it is quite powerful and feature packed.

To use it, select the files you want to convert from the Menu. From there, you can select the output format and then click Start to convert. If you want, you can make changes to the frame rate (the number of frames per second), the bit rate (speed of data transfer) and resolution before you convert. There's also some useful presets for iPods, VGA, and higher definition conversions depending on what you're using the conversion for. If a conversion doesn't work, an Error Log helps you find out what went wrong - very useful if you're batch processing which FLV Crunch also supports.

FLV Crunch for Mac is a straightforward, free and powerful converter to convert media files between multiple formats on your Mac.


  • Fixed a problem with calculating video dimensions (occurs when the "Same Aspect Ratio" feature is active).
  • Added close button in upper left hand corner.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the program to ask about where the destination folder is when it was already known.
  • Translated an error message about the engine into Spanish and French.
  • Made the Set button on the Spanish interface the default button for that window.
  • Added a system that determines if the engine has timed out after the Test button has been pushed.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the user to change the engine version while an engine test was taking place.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause ffmpeg-0.5 to crash on Mac OS 10.4 on an x86 based Mac.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the video to be created at the wrong resolution when cropping feature was activated.
FLV Crunch


FLV Crunch for Mac 1.3.1

User reviews about FLV Crunch

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    Seems to work ok, but it''s just a converter. MPEG Streamclip can be used to adjust brightness, contrast, color, sou...   More.

  • kathrynm

    by kathrynm

    "Status Problem???"

    Worked great when I first got it. Now when I try to convert I get a status of problem and it won\'t work!.   More.